About the instructor

The teacher


We are all increasingly aware of the pressures and stress in our daily lives, not only mentally but physically.
Physical activity is not only essential for the body, but also for the mind.
As a professional psychologist I believe there is an incredibly strong link between exercise and maintaining a positive state of mind.
With this realisation I decided to embrace exercise into my life both personally and professionally.
I had completed QIYOGA teacher training and then I intensively trained in Pilates and BarreConcept.

I am passionate about supporting and guiding individuals in order to achieve a balance between the mind, the physical body and the emotions. A hugely important part of this journey is to assess who my clients truly are, enabling me to help guide them in their own explorations. Together, you will be able to see amazing benefits and results through a regular practice.
Immediate benefits of an active lifestyle include improvements in your feeling of self-worth and confidence, boosting your self-esteem. These qualities allow you to develop a strong focus and motivation, helping you to escape the tension, stress and mental fatigue of our daily lives.